Comprehensive, Accessible Healing

Paw Getting Wrapped

Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center offers a variety of modern orthopedic surgical procedures to aid your pet in the healing process after an accident. Whether it is a torn ACL, a fracture, or a luxating patella, our passionate and devoted team is willing and prepared to do whatever is necessary to get your pet back on its feet.

The orthopedic procedures that the staff at Stone Ridge perform include:

  • ACL Repair
    These tears can be repaired via Tibial-Plateau-Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) or Lateral Suturing
  • Fracture Repair
    Unlike other veterinary clinics, Stone Ridge focuses on using bone plates when repairing a fracture. These plates are adapted to fit the injury and are considered to be one of the most effective and superior forms of fracture repair.
  • Luxating Patella
    Stone Ridge has the equipment, skills, and abilities necessary to perform this complicated procedure.
Cat with Cast

While getting your pet back into good health is our primary goal, we understand that the financial requirements of certain procedures can be burdensome. For this reason, Stone Ridge focuses on affordability and strives to offer orthopedic procedures at accessible prices.

We are continuously looking toward the future at Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center and are endlessly seeking new ways we can develop and improve our patient care. One of our long-term goals that will enhance our services is the construction of a rehabilitation facility. This facility will allow us to provide your pet with unsurpassed care through every step of their recovery.

As always, the health and longevity of your pet is our priority.