Veterinary Diagnostics: The Latest Equipment & Advanced Skills Matter

Ear Inspection

Quick, reliable diagnostics are important to both healthy and sick pets. Routine blood tests, for example, may catch conditions early, while they can be addressed by diet or lifestyle. Blood work also establishes baseline values and is important for comparison, if your pet does become ill in the future.

Over the course of a pet’s life, an injury, health problem, or complaint may arise. Naturally, this is upsetting and all “pet parents” want to get their pets well quickly. A fast, reliable diagnosis is a critical factor to restoring wellness and easing discomfort.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center prides itself on its diagnostic abilities. Our professional staff dedicates hours to continuing education and study, so that they are versed in the latest research and thinking in veterinary medicine. We will also consult with the best specialists, if necessary.

Our animal hospital offers a number of diagnostic tools, both in terms of equipment and testing. Most of our diagnostic procedures and labs are done in-house.

Modern Equipment Greatly Aids Diagnosis

Technology has revolutionized the way in which veterinary medicine is practiced. One of our goals is to offer state-of-the-art medicine and diagnostic testing, as a means of providing a higher level of quality care to our patients. Areas of diagnostic excellence include our in-house laboratory, electrocardiography, and imaging technology.

Imaging Technology


The advantage of imaging technology, such as ultrasound and radiology, is that it allows us to look “inside the body.” All our x-rays are digital, which produces clear images from a variety of angles. In the case of ultrasound, we see moving images in real time versus still images. Even more significant for our evaluation, ultrasound provides 3D images of the internal organs, something not provided by standard radiography.

Our Goal Is Restored Health

There is a great deal of science behind our veterinary medicine, but our true purpose is to develop a successful treatment plan. Because at the end of the day (or before!), our main concern is to provide the best care for your pet, ease any suffering, and to return your healthy pet to the comforts and love of home.

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