Pet Medications: Available On-Site or Online


Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center provides a full-service pharmacy for all your pet prescription needs. We maintain a large inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products and medications, including the common preventive products (Sentinel, Parastar, Trifexis, Revolution, EasySpot, etc.). Moreover, we stand behind every product we dispense, whether you purchase it on-site in our Willis, Texas, pet hospital or on our online pharmacy.

Convenient Online Pharmacy

In today’s world, time can be a precious commodity. For that reason, we offer an online pharmacy. This is a great way to get pet “meds,” particularly refills and routine flea, tick, and heartworm medications. Signing up for regular monthly orders is one of the best ways you can protect your pet. Monthly administration of these important preventives defends your pet against parasites and the diseases they can cause.

Pay online through your secure PayPal account. Shipments are sent directly to your home. Our online store offers pricing comparable to the large Internet sites.

Safe and Reliable Pet Medications

The use of our online store is available exclusively to our clients and is not open to the public. We check accuracy of dosage and instructions, affording you the confidence that comes with such oversight.

Stone Ridge Veterinary Medical Center ensures the quality of these medications and guarantees their efficacy. You can be certain they are quality medications, handled and stored properly and sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Please let us know if a product you are looking for is not available in our online store. We may be able to add it for you.

Contact us today for any prescriptions or for more information about how to use our convenient online pharmacy.